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Windows 10 Update fails with error message: 0x80070714

The error message explains that an upgrade to windows 10 or an update on windows 10 couldn't be installed. Obviously the Microsoft SQL Services are the reason, why these operations fail.

To avoid this problem, there is the following way:

  • Click on Start
  • Type "msconfig" and click on "System configuration"
  • A window appears - change here to the tab "Services"
  • Keep all services in mind, which contain the word "SQL" and remove the checks in front of these entries
  • Start the update/upgrade again
  • After a successful installation set the checks in front of the entries again and check, if everything works, like it should
Tags: sql, update, upgrade, windows 10
2016-10-26 09:14 ASA Datec Datensysteme GmbH {writeRevision}
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