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Installation on Windows 10

A few moths ago microsoft released windows 10 and offers a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

You can learn more about the upgrade to windows 10 in the FAQ's of Microsoft.


ASA-AMOffice and Windows 10 compatible.

Early versions of windows 10 have some trouble searching for SQL-Servers in the network, this can lead to some problems in the initial database creation. Microsoft fixed this issue in November 2015 with update 1511. Altough a already installed ASA-AMOffice runs fine without it, it's better to install the newest windows updates.


You can check if the update is already installed with some easy steps.

  1. Press "Windows" + "R" on your keyboard
  2. Now a window with a textfield shows up, enter "winver" in the textfield and press "OK".
  3. Now another Window with the systeminformation pops up.
  4. If the version is "1511 (Build 10586.11)" or higher, the update is already installed.


If the update isn't already installed, windows will install it automaticly in the next days. Until then you may encounter some problems while installing ASA-AMOffice. If the initial databasecreation tool, doesn't find any SQL-Servers, you can enter the SQL-Server manually. The name of the SQL-Server is usually  "<COMPUTERNAME>\AMOFFICE".



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