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Operating an ASA-AMOffice© server on a server system of a web hosting provider

An ASA-AMOffice© server can be installed, on a server system of a web hoster such as 1&1, Hetzner, Host Europe or Strato.

Following ports must be enabled in the server's firewall like a private network:

  • 787: (Standard-) Port to access the ASA-AMOffice© service
  • 1433: (Standard-) Port of the Microsoft SQL Database


Furthermore, either the complete domain name or the (static) IP address has to be used in order to address the server system. The following login screen illustrates how such an address is entered:


Also the complete address for the database must be configured in the ASA-AMOffice© server. Therefore start the Server Management tool. In the tab Server Settings press the button Search Database. In the search screen, select the option to manually enter the server name. Enter here the complete address of the server. Check the connection string, after the form is closed.





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