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I don't get document updates any longer

The document updates for ASA-AMOffice© will be released at least monthly.

 If you didn't get any document updates for a longer time, you can check the following possibilities:

  • Is your server connected to the internet?
  • Do you reach the website www.asadatec.de on your server with the InternetExplorer?
  • If not:
    • Check if you have all actual Windows updates
    • Check the actuality of your InternetExplorer
    • Check the configuration of the ProxyServer, if you have one
  • If everything of this doesn't help, please contact us


  • Open the ASA-AMOffice© Servermanagement Tool on your server and check the following:
    • Is the service running?
      • If not, restart it
    • Check your license key (third tab - License) - is there a note that your key is old or invalid
      • Check if you've got a new license key from us and if you didn't acutalize it in the servermanagement tool
      • Check if the key is correctly written - the best way is to copy and past it
    • Are there any information about errors in the first tab "Status"?
    • Check in the second tab (Server Settings), if the connection string completely fills the field?
  • If you have to answer one of these questions with "No" please contact us, so we can have a look
    • Check in the second tab (Server Settings), in which time the Server is allowed to install updates
      • Please configure this range in ascending numbers like e.g. between 1 and 6 o'clock.
      • NOT: between 23 and 6 o'clock

If this FAQ doesn't help, please contact us!

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