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How to configure a proxy server?

If it is necessary for you, that the ASA-AMOffice© connects through a proxy server to the Internet, you must configure the proxy server in the Server Administration Tool.

Please start the ASA-AMOffice© Server Administration Tool. If you don't find it on your desktop you'll get there in the windows start menu unter All Programs -> ASA Datec Datensysteme -> Management.


After starting the tool you can configure the proxy server settings. First please activate the fields by clicking on the check box "Internet Access through a proxy server".



Please enter the IP Address or the domain of the proxy server. This could look like "" or "Proxyserver1.local". If you don't have this information please contact your admin.



Please enter here the port for the proxy server. Usually a port is a 4-letter code (e. g. "8080", "8123" or "1450". Often the port is entered directly to the host only divided by a colon.
For example: - the host is and the port is 1234. If you don't have this information please contact your admin.


Username and Password:

If you need a username and a password for your proxy server, you have to enter them into the according fields. If you don't need them leave the fields clear.



Please ensure that the address "https://webservice.asadatec.de/" and the port "443" is unlocked in the firewall of the proxy server.

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