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A wrong TCDS has been assigned to the aircraft

In rare cases, it may happen that a TCDS is only designed for specific serial numbers of an aircraft.

This is illustrated by the Piper PA-28-181:

The EASA TCDS "EASA.IM.A.234" applies to the following serial numbers:

  • 2890206 to 2890231

For all older Piper PA-28-181 there still applies LBA TCDS 518a.

Another similar case occurs when a national data sheet is used instead of the EASA TCDS.

ASA AMOffice © maintains exactly one data sheet for an aircraft, so you must do the following if you want to assign an alternative TCDS to your aircraft:

  • Enter the alternative number to your aircraft
  • Remove the selections "Allow takeover a TDCS numbers" and
    "Check and correct (if necessary) TCDS numbers of all positions automatically


Thus, the modified TCDS is not automatically changed by ASA-AMOffice©.

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