Which password do I use to login to ASA-AMOffice?

You first have to login in to ASA-AMOffice to work with it. For the first time login, you have to use the default username 'Administrator' and the password 'admin'. After the first login the default password should be changed to a longer and safer password to restrict the access to ASA-AMOffice.

If you changed your password (highly recommended!) and forgot it, start the Server Administration Tool and switch to the tab Server Settings. Now click on 'Reset admin password'. Please note that the password can only be reset by entering a master password by the ASA Datec Datensysteme GmbH. Please contact us in this case.

You should also read the installation instructions (also highly recommended! download in the downloads section of our website) and the manual.

If you are working on a network environment your password is given to you by the admin. Contact them to get/change your password.

Last edit: 2021-11-24 11:26

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