How to execute an automatic backup?

It is important to back up the database, which stores the information of the ASA-AMOffice© software, at regular intervals. The data backup takes place on the server system, as the database also runs on it. ASA-AMOffice© provides its own utility program, the AMOfficeBackupTool, for automatic data backup. The help program is located in the "ASA-AMOffice Server" subdirectory of the installation directory and can be accessed via the command line. Change the directory in the command line by the command
cd "C: \\ Program Files \\ ASA Datec Data Systems GmbH \\ ASA-AMOffice Server".
If necessary, adjust the path for the directory where the AMOfficeBackupTool is located on your system.

Now run a backup by the command
AMOfficeBackupTool / f "C: \\ My folder \\ AMOBackup [.bak]"
The file ending *.bak can be omitted.

The name of the output file (here: 'C:\\My folder\\AMOBackup[.bak]') can be assigned freely, but the directory in which the data backup is to be created must already exist. If you want to insert date and time of the creation into the file name of the backup, use the abbreviations $d or $t. $d inserts the date in the format yyyy-MM-dd, $t the time of day in the format hh-mm.
If you want to create a backup for a PostgreSQL server, please add the parameter /postgres at the end.

If you want to save the output of the utility program to a file, please add
> "C:\\Users\\MyUserName\\stdout.txt"
at the end of the command to create the backup.
If you want to save error messages of the utility program in a file, please add
2> "C:\\Users\\MyUserName\\stderr.txt"
at the end of the command to create the backup. Please adjust the path of the directory according to the circumstances on your system. The backup created in this way can then be imported again later using the ASA-AMOffice© administration tool.

For more information, visit the help for the AMOfficeBackupTool with
AMOfficeBackupTool /?

If you do not want to create the backup manually, you can run the AMOfficeBackupTool automatically by adding it to the Windows Task Scheduler. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Write the command you use to create a backup in a batch file, for example"C:\\Program Files\\ASA Datec Data Systems GmbH\\ASA-AMOffice Server\\AMOfficeBackupTool.exe" / f "c:\\My folder\\AMOBackup_ $d_ $t"
  2. You can freely specify the name of the batch file, e.g. "AMOBackup.bat". This file can be placed in any directory.
  3. Start the Windows Task Scheduler
    Now start the task scheduling via Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Task Scheduler.
    On the right-hand side of this program, select the "Create simple task" action. After you assign a name to the action, you will be prompted for the date when the action should take place. In the dialog that follows, you can set the program you want to start. Now specify the name of the script you created above. After pressing the "Finish" button, you have created a new task to back up the data in Task Scheduler. Windows will now call the task at the set times - in this case the data backup for ASA-AMOffice©.
    The created task must be run with highest privileges. To configure the task accordingly, please open the properties of the task and tick "Run with highest privileges"

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