Documents are missing....

If you miss some documents like ADs or SBs, you can check in various ways, whether they're really missing, or if there are other reasons why they are not displayed.

Check if you find the document in the navigation sidebar on the left of ASA-AMOffice©, by "Documents - Search" (Pay attention to the spelling -> See manual page 21 "Tips & Tricks" -> document search is quite similar).

If you don't find the document you searched for:

  1. Check the "Update Protocol" on the main page of ASA-AMOffice© if you got updates in the last time. (In general, you'll receive at least one update per month from us)
  2. If you didn’t receive any updates in the last time, click on the button "Check for new Document Updates".
  3. If you'll get the info, that there are no new updates, start the ASA-AMOffice© Server Management Tool on your server or the computer, where your database is located. Open the tab "License". Check if the actual license key and your customer number are inserted correctly.
  4. If nothing is entered, complete the form, save it and restart the server.  Then start again with no. 2 of this FAQ.
  5. Have a look in your ordered packages. Maybe the document doesn't fit in one of these packages and you might have to order another one.

If you find the document you searched for, but it isn't displayed in the AD/SB Overview or the work report:

  1. Check the serial number of your aircraft and of the document. If they don't match, the document won't be displayed.
  2. Check also the year of construction of your aircraft and the issue date of the document. If the document is issued before the creation date of your aircraft, the document won't be displayed.
  3. If your aircraft should also display the documents, which affect the model, but don't consider the serial number or the year of construction, you can set this in the "Aircraft Related Settings". You'll find them below the header of the aircraft where you can set various settings.
  4. E. g. If you want all model affected documents to be displayed, although they are issued before the year of construction of your aircraft, you can set the AD/SB-Overview Settings to: "Consider serial number only".
  5. E. g. If you want all model affected documents to be displayed, although the serial number is not affected, please choose "Consider year of construction only"

If you want one document to be displayed each time, you can change the properties of this document. From the navigation bar "Documents - Search" you can open the document you need. There is a check box with the content "Document is always valid". If you set the check mark there, the overview won't consider neither the serial number nor the year of construction.

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